During the systematic analysis of the highest resolution TerraSAR-X images of the Halligenwatt, north of Pellworm, in the previous DeMarine-Umwelt project, parallel structures running diagonally were apparent, for which it was possible to identify cultural remains as the cause, and which are being investigated further in the SAMOWatt project. The structures represent remains of historic land use from the time before the great storm surge of 1634 during which large areas of land were lost. Due to the different sediments within these cultural remains, and the associated varying occurrences of macrophytes, they stand out from the surrounding mudflats and – with adequate spatial resolution – show up on SAR images.



The figure above shows a TerraSAR-X image of the mudflat area north of Pellworm (3 August 2009, 2.8 km x 2.0 km). The course of the dyke and land reclamation are visible in the lower and right sections of the picture, the diagonal structures on the left and upper right of the centre are attributable to cultural remains.