ArcGIS Desktop

ArcGIS Desktop allows analyzing geospatial data and author geographic knowledge. It is available in three license levels –ArcInfo, ArcEditor and ArcView- that share the same core applications, user interface and development environment. ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcScene, and ArcGlobe are ArcGIS Desktop application programs. ArcMap and ArcCatalog are the core applications delivered with all licensing levels of ArcGIS Desktop; ArcScene and ArcGlobe are part of the ArcGIS 3D Analyst extension.

To add more capabilities, extension products can be added to ArcGIS Desktop: ArcGIS 3D Analyst, ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst, ArcGIS Network Analyst, ArcGIS Schematics, ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, etc.

Map Creation and Interactive Visualization

Multiuser Editing and Advanced Data Management

Advance Analysis, High-End Cartography, Database Management

Visually model and spatially analyze a process or workflow

Complete GIS data editing capabilities

Advance GIS data analysis and modeling

Create interactive maps from file, database and online sources

Edit multiuser enterprise geodatabase

Atlas like, publication-quality maps

Create street-level maps, with GPS locations

Use disconnect editing in the field

Advanced data translation and creation

View CAD data or satellite images

Store historical snapshots of data

Advanced feature manipulation and processing

Generate reports and charts

Automate quality control

Data conversion for CAD, raster, dBASE, and coverage formats


Create spatial data from scanned maps



Use raster-to-vector conversion


ArcGIS Explorer Desktop

This is a free GIS viewer to visualize and share GIS information.

  • Access ready-to-use ArcGIS Online base maps and layers.
  • Fuse local data with map services to create custom maps.
  •  Add photos, reports, videos, and other information to the maps.
  • Perform spatial analysis (e.g., visibility, modeling, proximity search).


Mapping application to view, explore, and print maps and globes. Functionalities:

  • View, navigate, and print published ArcGIS maps using ArcReader (.pmf files).
  • Zoom, pan, and switch between map and page layout views.
  • Communicate more efficiently with the ability to graphically markup maps.
  • Print published map and globe documents including all layer symbology and cartographic map elements on any supported printer.
  • Create custom ArcReader applications and embed ArcReader capabilities into existing applications.