Bilko is an image processing system developed for educational use. It comes with lessons in the application of remote sensing to oceanography and coastal management, but it is prepared for analyzing any kind of image in a wide range of formats. Bilko can read in image data in HDF (Hierarchical Data Format v. 4), GeoTIFF, netCDF, ENVISAT N1, PCX, Windows BMP, CompuServe GIF and binary flat file formats. It can save images in its own internal (Bilko DAT) format, and as CompuServe GIF (8-bit), Windows BMP or binary flat files.

Key Features

Image manipulation and display tools

Analysis tools: animations, AOIs, histograms, scatter-plots, etc.

Data processing: classifications, filters, applications of flags and masks

Band arithmetic, statistics and data analysis, PCA

Image rectification, resampling and co-registration