ERDAS is an interoperable geospatial tool consisting in several packages, and designed for desktop and enterprise use. ERDAS offers solutions in image exploitation, processing, visualization and data management.

One of the products offered by ERDAS for image processing tasks is ERDAS Imagine: it performs advanced remote sensing analysis and spatial modeling. Optional add-on modules are available for specialized functionalities. Some of the capabilities of the software are summarized in the following table:

Basic Raster and Feature Data processing

Advance Raster and Features processing

Professional Raster and Feature Data processing

View data from file, database and online services

Ortho correction to create base data for feature collection

Advance image classification and hyperspectral processing

Creation of image formats (GeoTIFF, jpeg, img, etc.)

Image classification and formats conversion

Advance image processing and GIS spatial modeling

Create quality map compositions

Mosaic imagery

Expert systems and subpixel image classification

Image rectification and projection

Resolution merge

Process data using ER Mapper professional

Batch processing

Analyze data from file, database and online services



LiDAR processing



Parallel batch processing


For radar imagery there is the Imagine Radar Mapping Suite in the standard Imagine environment. It contains tools for:

  • Geo-rectifying
  •  Filtering and calibrating
  • Interferometric tools

It supports most of the SAR satellite sensors: RADARSAT-1/2, ERS-1/2, ENVISAT ASAR, ALOS PALSAR, TerraSAR-X and COSMO-SkyMed. Other packages of interest that can be included in the Imagine environment are:

  • Bing Maps for ERDAS: it allows working with base imagery and map data along with geo-coding services from the Microsoft Bing Maps platform.
  • IMAGINE Vector: vector manipulation tools that facilitate the integration and use of GIS data.
  • IMAGINE Virtual GIS: visual analysis tool that offers GIS functions and capabilities in a 3D environment.
  • Stereo Analyst: for using stereo visualization.