Idrisi last version -Taiga- analyzes and displays geospatial information. It is an integrated GIS and image processing software. It provides nearly 300 modules, including the Land Change and the Earth Trends Modelers.

Image Processing


GIS Analysis

Pre-processing tools, including full geo-referencing


Database creation and query (SQL) and overlay analysis

Visual and data enhancement tolls

Integration for user-created scripts

Mapping using mathematical and relational modeling

Classification techniques

Image Calculator

Distance and context operations

Principal components analysis

Earth Trends Modeler (global climate trends)

Spatial statistics

“Soft” classifier support

Land Change Modeler (land cover change analysis)

Surface analysis tools (e.g. interpolation)

Segment based classification


Change and time series analysis

Machine learning classifiers (neural networks and tree procedures)


Multi-criteria decision making tools

Other additional tools of interest are:

  • CartaLinx: vector database development and topological editing software. Compatible with ArcGIS and MapInfo.
  • Global GIS & Image Processing Data Archives: global change data archives on CD-ROM.
  • UNITAR Explorations in GIS Workbooks: workbooks developed by UNITAR exploring GIS techniques in major application areas (forestry, coastal zone research and management, GIS & mountain environments, hazard assessment and management).