MATLAB® is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables to perform computationally intensive tasks.  Matlab is array-oriented and can be used for signal and image processing. Matlab supports vector and matrix operations and provides all the features of a traditional programming language: arithmetic operators, flow control, data structures and so on.

Key Features


Developing algorithms and applications

·         Vector & matrix operations

·         Arithmetic operators

·         Flow control

·         Data structures

·         Object-oriented programming

Analyzing and accessing data

·         Interpolating and decimating

·         Extracting section of data, scaling and averaging

·         Thresholding and smoothing

·         Correlation, filtering

·         Matrix analysis

·         Other basic statistics

Visualizing data

·         Creating and editing 2d and 3d plots

·         Import and export graphic files

Performing numeric computation

·         Matrix manipulation and linear algebra

·         Polynomials and interpolation

·         Data analysis and statistics

·         Differential equation systems

·         Matrix operation

Publishing results

Export results as plots  or complete reports (Matlab Report Generator)

Integration with other languages and applications (C, C++, Fortran, Java, etc.)

Deploying applications