The Next ESA SAR Toolbox (NEST) is a user friendly open source toolbox for reading, post-processing, analyzing and visualizing the large archive of data (from Level 1) from ESA & 3rd party SAR missions (ERS-1&2, ENVISAT ASAR, JERS SAR, ALOS PALSAR, TerraSAR-X, Radarsat-1&2 and Cosmo-SkyMed). NEST is based on the BEAM Earth Observation Toolbox and Development Platform. It provides both basic and advanced tools for SAR imagery.

NEST is extensible with an API that allows users to easily create their own plugin Readers, Processors and Writers.

Key Features

Data import and conversion, calibration and resampling


Accurate reprojection and ortho-rectification

Band arithmetic, statistics and data analysis

Image and speckle filtering

Image analysis: spectral unmixing, cluster analysis.

SAR Ocean tools: oil spill detection, wind field estimation, object detection

InSAR tools: coherence and interferogram formation